The Wilson Fellowship in Photographic History: Call for Applications

De Montfort University is pleased to announce the availability of one Wilson Fellowship for its MA in Photographic History. The Fellowship offers £5,000 toward the defrayal of tuition and other costs related to the MA, and is open to all students UK, EU and International.

To apply for the Wilson Fellowship, please submit your cv and a proposal of up to 4,000 words outlining your MA thesis topic, in English.

All applications should be sent by 1 August 2014 to Dr. Gil Pasternak:

All applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

For applications to the MA, you can access the DMU application at or apply through

Visit our webpage for more information about the MA:

For questions about the programme or the Wilson Fellowship please contact:
Between 9 and 21 July ’14: Dr. Kelley Wilder
Between 22 and 31 July ’14: Dr. Gil Pasternak

The Wilson Fellowship will be awarded to applicants who will contribute significantly to the field of photographic history.

The MA in Photographic History and Practice is the first course of its kind in the UK, taking as it does the social and material history of photography at its centre. It lays the foundations for understanding the scope of photographic history and provides the tools to carry out the independent research in this larger context, working in particular from primary source material. You will work with public and private collections throughout Britain, handling photographic material, learning analogue photographic processes, writing history from objects in collections, comparing historical photographic movements, and debating the canon of photographic history. You also learn about digital preservation and access issues through practical design projects involving website and database design. Research Methods are a core component, providing students with essential handling, writing, digitising and presentation skills needed for MA and Research level work, as well as jobs in the field.