Digital ‘Deep Play’: The Soft Politics of Iranian Photoblogs

Photography and the Greater Middle East

Tuesday, December 6, 2016| Clephan Building, room 2.30, 4-6pm

Open to all – just turn up!

waltonDr Shireen Walton (Teaching Fellow in Material and Visual Culture, Anthropology Department, University College London) will deliver the third and final talk in this term’s Research Seminars in Cultures of Photography series.

The autumn 2016 seminar series is dedicated to the theme of Photography and the Greater Middle East. In her talk, Digital ‘Deep Play’: The Soft Politics of Iranian Photoblogs, Shireen will argue that a defining characteristic of Iranian photoblogs is their visual-digital playing with dominant images of Iran (domestic and international). Many Iranian photobloggers take, exhibit and frame their digital photographs of everyday life inside the country in ways that seek to visually negotiate the aesthetic and political boundaries of what people (Iranians and non-Iranians, inside and outside of Iran) think post-revolutionary / contemporary Iran ‘is’ and/or looks like. Shireen’s talk will explore the soft political components of Iranian photoblogs. It will examine how this particular phenomenon – Iranian photoblogging from the early 2000s to the present – ties into wider visual / political debates concerning Iran and ‘the West’, the political ontology of photography, and the ‘everyday aesthetics’ of online digital photographic practices and cultures in non-western contexts.

In case of queries contact Dr Gil Pasternak


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