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The Photographic History Research Centre (PHRC) is based at De Montfort University, in Leicester, UK. Led by Dr Kelley Wilder, Dr Gil Pasternak, and Dr Beatriz Pichel it has a unique approach to photography and its social and cultural manifestations. The Centre undertakes innovative research on photography and its practices from the early nineteenth century to the present day. It is committed to moving beyond disciplinary boundaries to explore the multiple strands of photography’s history, approaching it as an interconnected set of social and cultural processes, and as a visual economy which embraces the photographic industry, networks of photographic knowledge, science and technology, aesthetic, evidential and informational values and institutional practices.

The Centre is especially focused on extending both the theoretical and historiographical base of photographic history and access to its primary sources. It forms a centre for international scholarship, drawing in scholars  with interests in a wide range of different but interrelated fields, including history of science, geography, anthropology, art history, cultural studies, museology, material culture studies, digital media and three-dimensional imaging. It also provides an important base for the development of digital technologies for resource preservation, publication, discovery and access.

Postgraduate teaching is a core activity of the PHRC. Teaching and supervision is available from PHRC’s internationally recognized team of research staff. It offers a unique and innovative MA in Photographic History and a PhD programme which reflects its range and diversity of interests.

The Centre has a growing number of key strategic alliances and collaborations with national and international partners who provide a dynamic network of knowledge exchange, the facilitation of the study of primary sources and their interpretation.

They are actively involved with the Centre’s postgraduate teaching

Our current partners include:


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