MA in Photographic History

MA in Photographic History

Dedicated to the study and research of the history of photography and photographic practice, the course allows you to examine different approaches to photographic history, including cultural history, history of science and visual studies. The course aims to enhance skills in scholarly research based on primary materials in photographic history. This will prepare you to work with photographs, cameras, technical apparatus, manuscripts and historical and theoretical studies.

The MA allows you to aquire tools for further or ongoing work as a professional, or the platform from which you may begin Ph.D.-level research.

For more details and information regarding fees and the application process, please visit the official University course website.

T: +44 (0)116 257 7555

For course-specific details please contact:

Dr Gil Pasternak
Reader in Social and Political Photographic Cultures and Photographic History MA Programme Leader

M.Phil/Ph.D. Research

Our Ph.D. programme allows you to engage in sustained and detailed study in a specific area, requiring you to make an original contribution to knowledge and become an expert in your field. You must also demonstrate a mastery of research methodology.

A Ph.D. offers many benefits including a route into an academic post or full-time researcher role, personal prestige and career enhancement for professionals.

It is also possible to take an M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) which is a shorter version of a Ph.D. and is awarded for research which demonstrates a command of existing knowledge within a specific discipline. It is possible to start an M.Phil and then transfer to a Ph.D. after one year if your supervisors agree. M.Phils are assessed by viva voce examination.

For further information, please get in touch:

T: 08457 45 46 47 (UK)
T: +44 (0)116 257 7513 (International)


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